1895 October

1 Tuesday Went down to Rivercourt Rd.  Winnie gave me a very pretty pair of stockings.  She & Frank walked up to Mr Barth’s with me.

2 Wednesday Girls were all photographed on front lawn.  Went for a walk from 3.30 until 6.  Grove Park and round by the river.  Letter from Blanche.

3 Thursday Frank went to Richmond.  Another new music pupil – Gwendoline Jones.

4 Friday Walk at 8.30 – most glorious morning – dancing class in the evening – had to play for them so did not get marks done until late.

5 Saturday Pouring wet all afternoon and wretchedly cold.  Could not go out – sat in the schoolroom all the afternoon – did some painting and wrote to Mabel and Annie Cannon.  Miss Vincent went home.

6 Sunday Off duty.  Wet morning – no Church – hymns in the dining room.  Read all the afternoon – ‘The Monastery’.  Went to Bedford Park Church in the evening – Anthem and Procession.

“The Monastery”:  8 June.

7 Monday Took duty for Miss Vincent.  Music exam for girls in the evening.  Annie Cannon’s 21st birthday – sent her a jewel case.

8 Tuesday Letter from Mother at Salcombe.  Saw Annie and Butler at Rivercourt Rd, who had come to town to buy furniture etc.  Stayed to supper with them – back to school at 10.

9 Wednesday Walked to Kensington – did some shopping – went to see the Exhibition of Art and Needlework at the Museum.

10 Thursday Letter from Millie.  Went down to have a chat with Win about the wedding – decided not to go – too expensive.

Although ELM did not go to her brother’s wedding, her two sisters and her mother made the journey to Rochdale [4 November].

11 Friday Played for the dancing class in the evening.  Did some painting before breakfast.

12 Saturday Letters from Mabel and Rosie Taylor.  Went to Richmond in the afternoon with Win and Charles to a Rugby Match – very exciting.  Got back to tea at Rivercourt about 6.  Played bagatelle until supper-time.  Uncle had gone to Deal.

13 Sunday Went to Church in the morning & evening.  Sang hymns after tea. Marjorie Moore is a naughty little girl.

14 Monday Ran in for a short time to see Win – walked back early as Miss Vincent was going to University Extension Lectures.

15 Tuesday Letter & cake from Mrs Cannon.  Went to singing lesson at 7 o’clock.  Met Miss Jenkins – stayed to hear her sing and played her accompaniment.

16 Wednesday Went for a walk to Kew.

17 Thursday Went to the Exhibition with Win, Mr Webster and Charles – went on the Wheel, the Switchback and then to see the jugglery.

Exhibition: 17 September.

18 Friday F.B., A.L., J.G., & M.B.  Letter and invite to the wedding.  After dancing took the girls to hear Father Black who was preaching for the Harvest Festival at Bedford Park.

Probably girls’ initials, recorded for some reason or another.

19 Saturday Took Jessie and Gladys Jata to meet the members of the Easel Club and went with them to see the Duke of Westminster’s pictures at Grosvenor House.  Enjoyed this immensely – pictures were grand.

20 Sunday On duty.  Parish Church in the morning, walk in the Park.  Acton Green in the evening – very nice service.  Misses L and C went out to dinner.

21 Monday Got up at 6.30 and finished off a painting of the Ruins.  Letters from Mabel & Annie B.  Talk in the study – very nice.

Annie Brierley.

22 Tuesday Went out after tea to see Win – stayed with her for an hour and took train back again – had my singing lesson.  Pouring wet night.

23 Wednesday Very wet – girls stayed in & did mending.  Miss Vincent went to Charing Cross to meet Mademoiselle.

Probably the French Mistress, arriving by train from one of the Channel ports.

25 Friday Played for dancing in the evening.  Nice chat over the fire after supper with Mademoiselle.

26 Saturday Did not go for a walk – had an early tea.  The girls’ birthday party.  Dancing from 6 to 9.  Supper in the Study.  Music in the Drawing Room till 11 o’clock.  Mademoiselle était très drôle.

Mademoiselle was very amusing.

27 Sunday Very cold – began winter clothing.  Went to Church morning and evening.

28 Monday Very foggy morning – took the usual morning walk.

29 Tuesday Walked down to Rivercourt Rd after tea – just missed Win – she had just come up to Barth for her singing lesson.  Had a talk with Aunt Mary and then went to have my lesson.

30 Wednesday Had a fire in the bath-room [sic] & girls washed their heads all the after-noon [sic] instead of going out.  Trimmed my best hat.

31 Thursday Letter from Frank.

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