1895 November

1 Friday Dancing class in the evening.  Played until half past seven.

2 Saturday Half-term holiday.  Had to see some of the girls off so could not get down to Rivercourt Rd until about 3 o’clock.  Did some shopping at Harrisses with Win – had tea & bagatelle afterwards.  Messrs W and P came to spend the evening.  Went to bed about 12 o’clock.

3 Sunday Off duty.  Uncle, Win and I went to Chiswick Church in the morning.  Walked up the High Road afterwards and met Frank who came back to dinner.  Music and singing in the evening.

4 Monday Win and I started off for St Pancras Station – saw Mother and Mabel off by the 12 train – then took bus to Buzzards & had lunch.  Met Julia at Kensington.  Went to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the evening.

ELM’s mother and sister were travelling to Rochdale for Butler’s wedding. A report on the wedding in the Rochdale Observer [on 9 November 1895] says that two of the bridegroom’s sisters were bridesmaids, so Blanche must have travelled up independently [7 September].

5 Tuesday Came back to school at 9 o’clock.  Did not hear the 9.30 bell so was not in to prayers.  Ructions at 12.30 with Miss L.  Met Win at singing lesson in the evening – began ‘Go pretty rose’.

6 Wednesday Walked to Kensington with 5 girls in the afternoon.  Bought a present for Blanche.

7 Thursday Butler’s wedding day.  Walked down to see Win in the evening.  Letter from A. Bristow.

8 Friday Received the Wedding Card from Butler.  Played for the dancing in the evening.  Miss J Charlton and Mrs Layton came in.

9 Saturday Blanche sent me the remains of her bouquet.  Walked with the girls to Barnes in the afternoon – went into the cemetery – got back at 5.30 – very nice walk.  Misses L and C out.

10 Sunday Misses L and C out after dinner.  Hymns after tea and then to Church.

11 Monday Letter from Blanche & wedding cake.  Also letter from Butler asking me to go and see them.  Went back to supper with Win.  Nice dream C.W.

The initials of the person in the dream?

12 Tuesday Finished giving lessons at 3.  Took the train down to Winnie & went with her to the Hotel Metropole.  Had tea with the happy couple.  No dream.

13 Wednesday Walked to Kensington with the girls.  Had a nice dream. C.S.

More mysterious initials!

14 Thursday Painted Xmas cards before breakfast.  Very wet evening so did not go out.

15 Friday Did some more painting – played for dancing in the evening – did marks – went to bed, very tired.  Ah me – a year ago.

Poor Ethel! The unhappy anniversary of something!

16 Saturday Went to Richmond with Win – had my blouse fitted at Batten’s – called in to see Frank on our way to the station – met the W and P.  Got home at 5 – went in to tea with Louie Marsh – stayed to supper – home at 10 o’clock.

17 Sunday On duty.  Church in the morning.  Read Perevil of the Peak in the afternoon.  Church again in the evening – organ went wrong.

“Perevil of the Peak”: 8 June.

18 Monday Misses L and C took four girls to Romeo and Juliet.

19 Tuesday Went down to Rivercourt to see Mother before going to singing lesson.

20 Wednesday Walked to Kew to see the chrysanthemums – came back to tea at 4.30.  Mabel & Jessie went to a lecture on Art.

21 Thursday Did some painting before breakfast.

22 Friday Miss Vincent went home.  Melle & I took girls to Kensington Museum – stayed in the picture galleries until five – walked home to tea at 6.

Melle”: Mademoiselle?

24 Sunday Walked up the High Road after Church – met Win and Uncle.

25 Monday Letter from Win – could not go down though as Miss V went to the Lecture.

26 Tuesday Went to Barth’s at 5.  Afterwards Melle & I went to a concert at the Albert Hall.  Mdme Patti sang.  Great crush but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Madame Adelina Patti

Madame Adelina Patti

Madame Adelina Patti was a famous Prima Donna. Living in South Wales, I am reminded that she left her mark in these parts. It was she who had Craig-y-Nos Castle built in the Brecon Beacons. She also has a concert hall named after her in Swansea: The Patti Pavilion.

27 Wednesday Took the girls round Bedford Park, etc.  to deliver invitations to the Fancy Dress Ball.

28 Thursday Merit Holiday.  Stayed in & painted Xmas cards.  Misses L and C took boarders out and came back about 8 o’clock.  Nice day for we govs.


29 Friday Did not go for an early walk.  Took singing class as Miss L was out.  Dancing in the evening.

30 Saturday Went for a short walk over the bridge and along the river – got back at 4 o’clock.

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