1895 June

1 Saturday Five of the girls did not go home so had to stay at school.  Took Nora, Millie and Flora to Kew.  Began to paint some nasturtiums on a panel.

2 Sunday Went down to Rivercourt Rd about 11 o’clock.  Aunt P. arrived soon after and we all went for a walk.  Went to Chiswick church in the evening.  Frank and Charles met us.

Aunt Polly:  9 March. Frank was probably ELM’s brother. Charles was Winnie’s brother [1 January].

3 Monday Came up to school about 10 o’clock.  Misses L. and C. went out for the day.  I took the girls to Kew and sketched the lake, came on to pour with rain so tore off for the train.

4 Tuesday On duty! Went to singing in the evening.  Win met me and went to have an ice at Chibnall’s.  Letter from Midge.

The Chibnall family ran a bakery on Chiswick Mall just by  the Hammersmith boundary and also had premises at 77-79 King  St, Hammersmith.

5 Wednesday Took Jessie and Millie to the Latimer Rd. Baths – called for Win on the way – had a good swim.

6 Thursday Letter from Minnie Marsh.  Took the girls by the river to sketch in the evening.

7 Friday Letter from Rosie Taylor.  Took the girls to Ravenscourt Park in the evening.

ELM left a photograph of Rosie Taylor but I know very little about her. It appears from the diary that she was living in Basingstoke in 1895, but it was not her actual home, as on 31 December ELM writes from Basingstoke that Rosie “went home” by train.

8 Saturday Letter from Mabel.  Went shopping in the afternoon and then into Ravenscourt Park.  Read “The Bride of Lammermoor”.  Had a good practice in the evening.

ELM kept a note  book in which she recorded each book she read. This novel and two others by Sir Walter Scott are listed [“The Monastery” and “Peveril of the Peak.

9 Sunday Went to Bedford Park Church morning and evening.

11 Tuesday Singing lessons at 5.30.  Got on better than usual.  Did not go in for Win as she was out with Edith and Arthur Pearce.

Winnie’s sister and her husband.

12 Wednesday Letter & lovely box of yellow roses from Minnie R. Took the girls to Kensington Park in the afternoon. Music and dancing in the evening.

Minnie Rush: 4 May.

14 Friday Letters from Midge, Blanche and Ada B.  Ham & salad for supper.

Ada Bristow: 18 Jan.

15 Saturday Half term!  Went to meet Win, Edith and Arthur Pearce on the river at Kingston with Alfred.  Waited for 40 minutes, so then walked to Twickenham just in time for tea at Aunt P’s.  Went for a drive to Hampton Court in the evening.

Edith and Arthur Pearce: 15 April.  Alfred was probably Winnie’s brother [1 January].

16 Sunday Off duty.  Went to St Mary’s Church in the morning and to St Stephen’s in the evening with Mrs Esse.  Had singing and music after supper.

17 Monday Walked to Richmond station – went to Winnie’s to dinner.  Took the bus to Regent Street.  Had most delicious ices at Buzzards.

18 Tuesday Came back to school at half past nine.  Letters from Annie Cannon and  Mrs Miles.  Went to singing lesson in the evening – Win was having hers too.  Horse ran away down the High Road as we were coming back.

There are a number of references to Mrs Miles. An address book which belonged to ELM gives Mrs Miles’ address as: St John’s House, Norfolk St., Strand.

19 Wednesday Took three of the girls to Kensington Park.  Had a grand tea of crabs and shrimps when we returned.

20 Thursday Misses L and C went to Ascot for the day.  Walked down to Win’s in the evening, had a game of Badminton.  Practised when I got in.

21 Friday Went and sat in the fields to do marks.  Had a lovely box of roses and  Jessamine from Mabel & a letter from Mother.

22 Saturday Wrote to Mabel.  Walked to Kew in the afternoon intending to sketch  but it was too dull.  Bought some strawberries and had a feast  when we got in.  Painted a matchbox in the evening.

23 Sunday Went to Church, nearly stifled with the heat.  Misses L. and C. went out after dinner.  Music & hymns after tea.

24 Monday Began painting some purple clematis on a panel for a fire screen.

25 Tuesday Singing lesson at 5.30.  Win was there having hers.  Finished about 6.30 as Barth was in a hurry.  Went up to Chibnall’s – had a strawberry ice.

26 Wednesday Walked to Kew in the afternoon, finished sketch of the lake, came back to tea about 6.  Strawberries.  Went to call on Louie Marsh in the evening.

27 Thursday Took Flora and Millie to the Latimer Road Baths – did not go in myself.  Letter from Win.

28 Friday Took the walk in the evening for Miss Vincent as she was not well.

29 Saturday Went on the river with Win and Messrs W. and P. – came back about seven.  Had badminton in the evening and back to school 10 o’clock.

Messrs W and P  [12 January].  The two mysterious gentlemen again – and this time out on the river with two young ladies!

30 Sunday On Duty.  Went to Church.  Miss Vincent stayed at home.  New curate preached.  Mr Dawson collected our side.

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