1895 July

1 Monday Painted before breakfast.  Rained afterwards so did not go for walk.

2 Tuesday Met Winnie at Barth’s after tea, went for walk after singing lesson and had ices at Chibnall’s.

3 Wednesday Most of the girls went out.  Took three of them to South Kensington Museum.  Returned about 5 o’clock.  Misses L and C both out.  Mending night.

4 Thursday Did some painting before breakfast.  Practised after supper.  Letter from Mabel.

5 Friday Hard work day.  Did not get my marks finished until 10 o’clock.

Ran in after tea to say good-bye to Win.

6 Saturday Went to St Paul’s School sports.  Very jolly: met Mons. Mella – had a long chat with him. Came back to tea at five.  Ist class girls.  Came to see a charade which the boarders had got up. Dancing & music etc., ending up at 9 o’clock.

St Paul’s School, Hammersmith. Perhaps M Mella was the French master.

7 Sunday Went to early service and to South Acton Church in the evening.

The vicar preached a splendid sermon on Matrimony which touched me greatly.

8 Monday Took girls for walk after breakfast.  Letter from Midge and Mrs Miles.

9 Tuesday Went to singing lesson & in to see Aunt Mary afterwards.

Aunt Mary Corbishley: 19 May

10 Wednesday Went to Kew in the afternoon – sat under the trees;  gave Norah and Florence a theory lesson.  Ate cherries, gooseberries, etc.

11 Thursday Went for a walk across the common in the evening.  Practised singing before supper.

12 Friday Played for dancing class after tea.  Miss N Charlton came – very nice.

The Principal’s sister?

13 Saturday Went to Kew in the afternoon – sat under the trees – gave Norah a theory lesson.  Then had a good read.  Came back to 6 o’clock tea.  Letter from Louie Marsh asking me to tea on Wednesday.

14 Sunday Off Duty.  Forgot to see that Lily had not any frilling in dress, so consequently a fine row.  Who cares, only two more Sundays!

15 Monday Did not have any rain.  Exams began.  Correcting all the evening.

16 Tuesday Went to singing lesson and in to see Aunt Mary.  Letters from Blanche and Mrs Miles.

Aunt Mary Corbishley: 19 May

17 Wednesday Had lunch in the study with Norah and Florence and then off to the exam with them.  Got to London C.M. at 2 o’clock, and back by 5.

Went to Louie Marsh’s to tea.  Letter and invite from Midge.

The London College of Music, founded in 1887, was a private conservatoire of music in Great Marlborough Street, W1.

18 Thursday Went to Kew Bridge Station to meet Mrs Miles at 5 o’clock – had tea in the gardens and walked back to the station about half past eight.  Letter from Minnie Marsh.

19 Friday Norah’s sister Evelyn came to stay.  Did not have to play for dancing in the evening, so got on with exams.  Letter from Mary Cannon.

Mary Cannon: 31 December 1894.

20 Saturday Pouring with rain so could not go out.  Added up marks all the afternoon.  Did some shopping after tea.  Letter from Mother, Win and S.K.

21 Sunday Pouring wet all day so did not go to Church.  Hymns at home.  Wet again in the evening so went to Mr Manby’s Church by myself.

Acton Green Church:19 May

22 Monday Corrected exam papers all the morning as Miss Layton took the girls for drilling.  Music exam in the evening – girls played disgracefully.

23 Tuesday Went to Kensington shopping – got back about 8.  Called in to see Aunt Mary on my way there.

24 Wednesday Practised the Fairies’ Dance in the afternoon instead of going out.  Misses L and C took the girls to Richmond so V and I walked in the park.

25 Thursday Played all day for the drilling and dancing.  Went to singing in the evening and afterwards on to see Blanche at Rivercourt Rd.

26 Friday Played ‘til my fingers ached for the dancing and singing.

27 Saturday Packed the girls in the afternoon.  Went down to Rivercourt Rd in the evening.  Mr Webster and Porter came in and had bagatelle, music, etc.  Did not return until 11 o’clock.

Mr Webster and Mr Porter: 12 January

28 Sunday On duty.  Pouring with rain but managed to get to Church.  Did not go in the evening – too wet.

29 Monday Rehearsals all day long.

30 Tuesday Aunt Mary and Mrs Luch came to the ‘At Home’ from 3 till 5.30.  Children stayed to tea at 6.  Supper in the study and music afterwards in the drawing-room.

31 Wednesday [To Basingstoke] Holidays at last!  Got up about seven o’clock.  Misses L & C went off early with the Willises.  I did some shopping and went off by the 3.30.  Aunt Mary came to Waterloo with me.

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