1895 February

2 Saturday Walked to Kensington Museum – saw the Picture gallery.  Lost  the girls  there and did not get back until 6 o’clock– took bus and tram.

3 Sunday Miss V and I called into the study for a row.  The girls had gone to Church very untidy, buttons off, hats crooked, etc.  Very sweet afterwards though.

4 Monday Duty week.  Morning walk to Gunnersbury.

8 Friday Usual morning walk to Gunnersbury.  Hot kippers for supper.

9 Saturday Miss Vincent and I took the girls skating on the Round Pond, Kensington.  Fearfully rough [both people and ice] not at all enjoyable.

10 Sunday Miss Charlton and Miss Layton went out after dinner.  I walked down to Rivercourt to see them, stayed to tea and supper – came back late – past nine.

11 Monday Went skating to Tappendens with Win and Mrs Webster.

Mr Tappenden was a dairy farmer who had a small lake on his land. It looks as if he allowed skating on it when it froze over.

14 Thursday He was a postman.

A puzzling entry. 14 February is  St Valentine’s Day. Perhaps there is some connection!

16 Saturday Went to Richmond skating with Win and Mrs Webster.  Blown clean down four times by the wind, once knocked two gentlemen and a lady down [Win and I together] had the whole lot on top of me; black and blue with bruises.  Went to Twickenham to see dear old Granny.  The last time I saw her.

Possibly Nancy Paice

Possibly Nancy Paice

“Granny”, I think, is a reference to ELM’s maternal grandmother, Nancy Paice [née Ball] who was born in 1809 in Chilton Candover, Hants.  She might have been staying with her daughter Polly, ELM’s Aunt Polly [9 March].

17 Sunday Duty week.  Morning walk to Gunnersbury.

20 Wednesday Took Millie to Roehampton for Confirmation Class.  Could not undo the door of our carriage, so the train started on.  I at last made the guard hear, so the train was stopped to the astonishment of everybody.

“Millie”: one of the pupils.

21 Thursday Asked into the drawing room – had music, singing and thought

reading.  Miss C was very amusing.

22 Friday Usual morning walk.  Haddock for supper.

23 Saturday Went to Kensington Museum – saw the models of ships.

24 Sunday Dear Granny died at 9 o’clock in the morning.

25 Monday Had a letter from Winnie to tell me of Granny’s death.  Went to Harrisses in the evening to buy a hat.

Granny: 16 February

26 Tuesday Pancakes for dinner – very good!

27 Wednesday Did not go to Church.  Took Millie to Roehampton.  Walked back through Putney.

Presumably another Wednesday Confirmation Class for Millie.

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