1942 June 6th

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A 277 (Archive reference) 1942

This seems to be the first contact of all since the escape from France by the Powell family in June 1940

Marseilles, 6th June 1942                                                              Ted Holman

Dear Nancy,

I am back from my leave in Nogent, where I found Mummy and Roland in good health. Stanley is a prisoner-of-war in Germany, as you probably know. I hadn’t been back to Nogent for more than two years. The reason is I am still in the army in Marseilles. Because I had your address in Nogent, I can now send you my news.

We got your short message all right and were pleased to receive it. Your house is in good order, but it has been commandeered by the Germans. Mummy and Mrs L… have taken out assorted belongings, as well as dishes, silverware – anything that could easily be taken away.

Your furniture is still there all right, except for some pieces that have been removed, but Mummy knows where they have been put. The garden is still tended – your house-keeper has also helped Mummy to tidy it up. Now things are in order.

Nogent has not changed much at all with not many houses occupied by the Germans and people have really not suffered at all. You can still eat very well, and the supply of certain goods – clothes etc – is generally quite good. Normal service has been resumed. P… at the farm is now a father. Miss C… is getting married. Suzanne D… has got married in C…. Roche G… has been released from prison. Raymonde with the garden has married D….

Many weddings – too many to remember them all – but life is going on. Mr and Mrs Mailliet are still there. Michel is getting married. Mrs R… has shut herself away.

Your friend, the doctor’s wife is well, her daughter has grown up a lot.

I hope that Mr Powell is keeping well, and Mrs Powell as well.

Best wishes from all at home.


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