1945 April 5th

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A 296 Nogent, 5th April 1945                               from Yvone (sic) Bagland

My dear Nancy,

I received your letter by today’s delivery and I am replying straight away, because I really need some shoes, for me and the children, because for a long time we haven’t been able to get anything any good at all. Everything wears out in a few months. If there’s any choice, could you make sure you get something strong and comfortable, but in anticipation, anything you send will be absolutely fine, because we’re really not very happy and I am often quite worried about things.

Christian is growing a lot and most of the time we have no meat or butter and very often I get depressed, I can tell you, and I wonder what repercussions these five years of privation will have on our children.

It seems ages since the time I had heard nothing of you. I often think of you all, and your Daddy who had no luck at all.

Mummy is comfortable and well, but we haven’t had much luck either.

In Nogent, people are saying that you will be coming back soon. I am excited at the very idea of it. And, by the way, you needn’t start looking for somewhere to stay, as you are most welcome to stay here. Five or six portions, it makes no difference at all. We have enough potatoes, and Maurice is using Mrs Pelletier’s garden in avenue de la République.  We are pleased about that, as we shall be able to have vegetables without having to queue for hours. You know, there’s something there that does not quite add up – is it the work of some kind of fifth column !! I just don’t know.

I believe I am expecting Germaine Petit soon, which I am very pleased about, as I haven’t seen her for 13 years. Stanley Holman has returned home – what a great joy that must be for his mother and his brothers !!  The prisoners-of-war are returning gradually. I am going to the reception centre for a few days.

Well, I’ll stop now, my dear Nancy, with hugs and kisses from me and very best wishes to your parents.

Yvone (sic)

Christian’s shoe size (measured with socks on) – 35-36

I am a good 37

Jean-Pierre’s size (measured with socks on) – 31

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