1945 April 29th

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A 298 Courville-sur-Eure, 29th April 1945                         from Suzanne Berg

Dear Miss Powell,

Mr Fournier, whom I bumped into a few days ago has just told me that he has heard from you and that you had managed to reach England in June 1940. I am really delighted to have this good news, because I was really worried about what became of you and your family, knowing that on Tuesday 11th you were still in Nogent.

What a lot of terrible things have happened since you were in Courville. My brother-in-law has been a prisoner-of-war for five years. We keep thinking that he will reappear, but we have heard nothing of him and we are becoming very concerned. My family were affected quite a lot by theft and fire damage in their properties. Mr Fournier told me that your house in Nogent had been ransacked by the Germans.

I have taken up my English again since the Invasion and Liberation, with the very large number of American troops about. I haven’t been lucky enough to meet British soldiers, which I would have preferred, because Americans murder the English language. And my ear’s not good enough to follow a conversation – I urgently need to resume my lessons with you. I have very fond memories of those lessons. Are you returning to France, by any chance?

I must admit that I haven’t done anything with my English for months. I am to get married in June or July, depending on when my brother-in-law comes back. I am leaving Courville and going to live in Blois.

I must tell you how very delighted I was to hear how you were,

Yours most sincerely,


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