Nancy Powell’s Escape Diary

  1. Prologue
  2. 14th - 16th June
  3. 17th - 18th June
  4. 19th - 22nd June
  5. 23rd - 24th June
  6. Exode / Escape 1988

From a cutting in the “Daily Telegraph” dated 9th November 1979 at the time of Madame de Gaulle’s death:

“During the 1939-45 War, she was at his side in Britain, having followed him there on the last ship to leave Brest in June 1940. But for the car breaking down she would have caught an earlier ship which was torpedoed”.

It appears from the above that we were lucky to have reached England.

It appears too that we left France twenty four hours later than Madame de Gaulle and her family.

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